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Web Design Tip of the Week

Great web design starts with a great BRAND!!!!
You only have a few seconds to capture your customers attention. Your BRAND often times dictates how your customers will react when coming to your site. When I search for a service or product online I am like speedy Gonzales. I make decisions quickly. My eyes will scan a site and look for things that jump off the page that say integrity, shop here, trust, professional, etc…

As a web designer I make design decisions by using the color and style of your logo. If you have a great logo you have a solid foundation on which to build on. If your logo does not show integrity it may be time to re-think and re-design your logo before investing thousands of dollars on a new website.

If you already have a great logo then here are some tips to using the logo on the website “Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it’s located prominently on your site,” says Tiffany Monhollon, senior content marketing manager at online marketer Reach Local. “Use a high-resolution image and feature it in the upper left corner of each of your pages,” she advises. “Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to link your logo back to your home page so that visitors can easily navigate to it.”

When you decide it is the right time to design a new brand San Diego Webworks has over 16 years of designing great logos.
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