4 Unique Ideas to Give your Website Year Round Visibility

One of the advantages of working with a reputable San Diego web design company is that you have unlimited access to an ever improving range of features aimed at providing a more powerful experience for your audience.

A professional website is one of the most effective tools for informing your audience about the products and services you have developed. This is particularly important if you are targeting a local audience, because more and more consumers are conducting online searches to compare items between different businesses before making a purchase decision.

Upgrading your website allows you to:

  • Build a strong brand and online presence – An innovative design can make your business look professional and establish you as an industry leader in your area of operation
  • Save more time and energy – Newer technologies make it easier to organize your content, schedule content posting, optimize your content, and perform a myriad of other essential tasks that enhance your lead generation and conversions
  • Improve your return on investment – Improving the interaction and engagement with your website visitors improves customer conversion and retention, increasing your sales.

Choosing the right San Diego web design company can help you transform your website into a revenue-generating powerhouse by implementing strategies such as:

1. Market Landing Pages Landing pages are unique pages of content on your site that are specifically created to appeal to your market segment. So, if you are serving multiple local markets spread across San Diego, you can use landing pages to focus and work on your specific markets. Market landing pages are also great for improving your website SEO.

2. Add videos Most websites today feature blogs that offer informative content to introduce company offerings and expand on the commonly asked questions. This content can be tailored for consumption in different ways, including infographics, photos, and videos. Videos are particularly great for SEO and showing your consumer how to benefit from your product/service. You can embed a single video on your website homepage, or create a page that is dedicated to videos so you can share more video content.

3. Use forms to create an email list You may consider adding a simple form on several webpages requesting your visitor’s name and email address in exchange for receiving a weekly newsletter that adds value to them –
coupons, offers, how to’s, etc. A successful form strategy will not only help you stay in touch with prospects who are yet to make a purchase, but also provide meaningful content to existing customers so your brand stays fresh in their minds.

If you start with the traditional newsletter strategy, you can advance later to placing multiple campaign-driven lead generation forms on different webpages.

4. Post testimonials User reviews, and more specifically, positive feedback from real clients, gives your company and business automatic credibility. Testimonials can either be placed on their own separate webpage, or throughout your website for each item.

Keep in mind that a multi-functional website can only be successful with careful planning and patience, testing different approaches over time to create a working strategy. A reputable San Diego web design company can help your customers/prospects find you online, identify your brand, and trust your ability to deliver what they need.


Owner and Senior web designer for San Diego Webworks LLC. In 1984 I attended the Art Institute of Seattle and then moved to San Diego where I graduated from The La Jolla Academy of Advertising Arts in 1989. Since then I created Cyber Signs a start up company developing technologies for parents to monitor their children at day cares while at work. In 2000 I worked as the webmaster for Websense a company developing Security and monitoring software and subscription database for medium to large companies. After leaving Websense in 2002 I started San Diego Webworks a full service web design, Development and SEO Company. Since then I have designed, developed and marketed hundreds of successful websites. Some of my clients include: Sears, Dell, Meadsdurket, Sharp, La Mesa RV and many others. Web design is my passion and I give 110 percent in every design that I create. My goal is to make every website a success.

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